Eco-Dye Silk Poncho Top
Eco-Dye Silk Poncho Top
Eco-Dye Silk Poncho Top

Sophie Silks

Eco-Dye Silk Poncho Top

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Eco-Dye Silk Poncho Top:

 Natural lounge wear in Habutai Eco-silk. Washed silk so it has a subtle, lustrous yet matte finish.

The look is classic and elegant. Very versatile and easily paired with Jeans or skirt. For the day and for the evening.

One size fit most
recommend size: AU 8-AU 16
Length: 65 cm front, 75 cm back
Neck round: 24 cm
Outer width 95 cm (seam to seam)
Inner width 65 cm (stitch to stitch) 
or 130 cm circumference

 *** the Green Poncho***
Length: 85 cm front, 105 cm back
Neck round: 29 cm

Fabric: 100% Eco-Silk, handwoven, hand dyed with earthy tones.
* Silk Care: hand wash cold with silk wash detergent, dry inside-out in shade


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